Rustic Outdoor Shower Ideas 

Rustic Outdoor Shower Ideas

Rustic outdoor shower ideas can add a rustic charm to any landscape. To make this idea more appealing, you should include wood, stepping stones, and greeneries in the design. Rustic outdoor shower ideas can also incorporate informality and exoticism into the design. For example, you can use a surfboard to create a rustic outdoor shower. Read the BDL Shopping Center guide to rustic outdoor shower ideas. 

Rustic Outdoor Shower Design 

The Rustic outdoor shower design combines modern convenience with an outdoor setting. The outdoor shower is equipped with a rain shower head and features greenery and plant life on either side. A concrete platform holds the toiletries while a black shower head hangs at the top. The outdoor shower can accommodate two people at a time and comes with a simple, single water-line connection. 

The Rustic outdoor shower design is versatile and can be created anywhere. It can be made from a water hose or installed by a plumber. The rustic style features stressed wood and non-polished hinges. The outdoor shower looks great alongside a wood-framed home with wooden accents. The design can be installed on a deck or a side of a house. 

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Closeup of the outdoor shower head. Outdoor pool shower. Water running from poolside shower sprinkler

Adding a Bench 

If you’d like to add some functionality to your outdoor shower, a bench can be a great option. You can get a bench made out of wood that you can reuse for other projects. Sal DiBlasi shares his tips on how to build a built-in bench in this video. 

A teak shower bench looks great in a rustic outdoor shower and can resist mildew and water. It also has a simple, narrow design that fits easily into a small space. The natural teak wood of the teak bench looks great with neutral-toned wood tones. 

A bench can serve several purposes, including serving as a storage space or a seat. You can even make a bench out of tile to blend in with your decor. Thicker benches will be more versatile and have more uses. 

Using Tuscan Stone 

Rustic outdoor shower ideas incorporate a rustic aesthetic and emphasize the natural environment. These designs feature wood, pebbled floors, stone walls, and exotic accents. These designs are a great way to transport yourself to a tropical setting. In addition, this style also makes good use of natural materials and promotes a relaxed and calm atmosphere. 

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An outdoor shower streams water against the background of the sky. The shower stall is built of Tuscan stone

Using Tuscan stone for rustic outdoor shower ideas is a popular trend in today’s market, a style that is popular for outdoor use. This stone is very durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Using it in your bathroom will give your space a warm, welcoming feel. In addition to its rustic look, it also has the benefit of being extremely low maintenance. 

Using a Surfboard as an Outdoor Shower 

Using a surfboard as an outdoor bathroom is the latest trend. Surfers are known to shower in the ocean or on the beach, and a surfboard is a perfect height to use for an outdoor shower. If you want to add an extra outdoor shower to your home, you can purchase a second-hand surfboard at a local marketplace or on websites like Gumtree. 

This unique outdoor shower has a rustic and colorful look. For privacy, you can add a rock wall or a freestanding sink. Most people want to shower in privacy, and if you don’t want to bother anyone else, you can cover the area with a wooden screen or a slatted screen. Once you’re done, use the shower to rinse off your shoes and equipment before coming indoors. 

Using a Black Concrete Wall 

Rustic outdoor showers are a stylish addition to pool parties. These unique spaces can be inspired by the Mediterranean islands. A black concrete wall surrounded by white pebbles creates the perfect backdrop for a shower and bathtub. To complete the rustic look, add decorative shells and foraged driftwood as accents. 

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Shower outdoors in blue tone on black concrete wall

If you don’t like to rinse in the open air, consider building an outdoor shower on your patio or balcony. You can even install sliding glass doors to open the indoor space to the outside space. The shower can be as big or small as you want it to be. 

Rustic outdoor showers don’t have to be expensive. By using the right materials, you can build an inexpensive outdoor shower that looks just like the real thing. Concrete walls are durable and look modern. You can also use cool tiles to clad the walls and floor. Follow BDL Shopping Center on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Here is the website: BDL Store 

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