How to Make Halloween Decorations That Look Professional

How to Make Halloween Decorations

If you’re not a crafty person, there are many inexpensive ways to create Halloween decorations. Craft stores offer a variety of supplies, such as artificial flowers and construction paper. If you’re not the craftiest person in the world, though, there are ways to make inexpensive Halloween decorations that look professional. Read the BDL shopping Center Seasonal Items guide on how to make Halloween decorations. 


Skulls are a classic way to decorate for Halloween. They make a great decorative accent for the front door or mantel and are chic enough to be used all year round. Before you start spray painting, make sure you have a well-ventilated area. Next, spray paint your skulls in any color you like. 

You can buy or make your own skulls for Halloween. They are an easy DIY project. You can even turn your own sweaters into skull pillows. A cross-stitched skull pattern will give a spooky look to your home. You can also purchase iron-on skull t-shirts at Minted Strawberry. 

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Close-up of skeleton ringmaster in the forefront of a yard, festively decorated for Halloween


Mummies are an interesting Halloween decoration that can add some spook to your yard and frighten trick-or-treaters. You can hang the mummies in trees or create a spider web to hang them from. However, you should be mindful of the weather conditions when hanging the mummies. If you are hanging them outdoors, you will need to set up an umbrella or a roof to protect them. You can also choose to create mummy scenes indoors. 

One of the simplest mummy crafts can be made with recycled items. Bottles can be used as mummies and can be decorated with strips of felt paper. Kids can also make paper plate mummies that can be decorated with washi tape and glitter. Other easy mummy crafts are made from yarn and can be made with any age group. 

Witches Hats 

You can make witch hats from a variety of materials. You can use gauze as a base. To hang them, use fishing line or wire. Once dry, you can hang them on a mantle or candy table. You can even attach a light bulb to them to give them some extra spookiness. 

First, you need a hat base. A cardboard cone will work well. You can also use a painter’s tarp. Next, you need to find a piece of fabric of the right size. Alternatively, you can purchase a fabric tape measure and take measurements of the wearer’s head circumference. Once you have the measurements, measure the fabric to get the right fit. 

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A decorative Halloween photo with a hat, pumpkins, spider webs, and a broom

Cotton Ball Ghosts 

One of the easiest crafts for kids during Halloween is making cotton ball ghosts. These decorations are great for last minute Halloween parties and can also be worn after the party. To make cotton ball ghosts, all you need is a balloon or cotton ball and glue. You can also draw eyes or a mouth on the cotton ball ghosts and glue them on. 

Cotton balls are soft and fluffy, so kids will enjoy pulling them apart. It will help them develop their fine motor skills and be very relaxing. Next, glue the cotton onto a cardboard tube and put white paper on top. You can use more or less cotton to make the ghosts in different sizes. Once the cotton is glued on, let the child glue on the eyes and mouth. 

Spider Garland 

If you want to add some fun and creepy BDL Halloween decor to your home, you can make your own spider web garland with pipe cleaners. To make your spider web garland, you need to fold up four pipe cleaners and then bend them over an inch. Twist the top half of each pipe cleaner to create the body of the spider, then separate the legs and bend them slightly to make them look lifelike. Thread each spider with string or twine using a darning needle. Then, string or twine the other end of each pipe cleaner into place to create your spider garland. 

Another option is to use spider rings, which are available in craft stores and dollar stores. These can be pushed into netting, which makes them hold as if they are caught in their own web. You can also use spider webs to decorate your front door. 

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interior of the house decorated for Halloween pumpkins, webs, and spiders

Jack O Lanterns 

Creating carved Jack O Lanterns as Halloween decorations is an easy project that you can do at home. You can get a few inexpensive supplies at the dollar store and use your own creativity to create an attractive display. You can use these lanterns to decorate your front porch or bookcases. They look great paired with battery-powered white candles. You can also use them to dress up your fireplace mantel. 

The tradition of carving a pumpkin or gourd with grotesque faces began in Ireland, Scotland, and Europe. They were believed to drive away evil spirits and wandering travelers and were an effective way to scare them away. The modern-day Halloween decoration has evolved from this ancient tradition. Follow BDL Shopping Center on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Here is the website: BDL Store 

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