How to Hang Plants from Ceiling Without Drilling 

How to Hang Plants from Ceiling Without Drilling

If you want to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling, there are a few techniques you can use. These techniques include using magnet hooks, exposed metal beams, lattices, or strings of pearls. You can even use a rag to leverage your vise-grip pliers. Read the BDL guide on Home Decor and how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. 

Magnet Hooks 

If you are looking for an elegant way to hang your plants without drilling, you should consider using magnet hooks for hanging plants from the ceiling without drilling. These special hooks can hold up to 100 pounds and don’t damage surfaces. However, you will need a clean metal surface to attach the magnets to. The surface can be a plate, fastener, or brace. 

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Beautiful retro vintage style flowers metal basket hanging at the ceiling with light in the living room.

Another option is to use standard command hooks. These are inexpensive, simple, and effective. Be sure to use the proper size for the size of your plant. Keep in mind, however, that a standard command hook can only hold 5-10 pounds. It’s also not a good idea to overload the hook, as it could cause the container to fall. You can also use high-strength magnetic hooks, which have a magnetic plate on the back that holds a magnet. Magnetic hooks are great for hanging large plants or even multiple plants. 

Exposed Metal Beams 

To hang plants from a ceiling without drilling a hole, you can use macrame hangers. They are versatile and will prevent rodents from chewing the plants. Another alternative is to use a clothes rack for your plants. You can hang plant pots from a rod on the top of the rack, which will add a creative look to your room. 

Alternatively, you can use hooks to hang plants from the ceiling. Just make sure the hooks are clean and free of dirt. These methods are great for hanging lightweight plants. Buy BDL Home Decor products to decorate your home. 

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Plants hanging with ceiling without drilling


Hanging plants from the ceiling can be a great space saver and add a nice touch of nature to your home. There are several ways to do this, including using tension rods and sturdy finials. You can also use lattice, which can be painted or stained to match the color of your ceiling. For a unique look, you can purchase framed pieces of lattice at home improvement stores or Home Depot. 

Another solution is to install hooks on the ceiling without drilling. You can install these hooks with toggle bolts. These bolts are strong and secure the hooks in the hollow plaster or drywall. This method is also suitable for homes with concrete ceilings. 

Strings of Pearls 

Hanging plants from the ceiling is a great idea for rooms with low ceilings, but there’s a simple way to achieve the same effect without drilling a hole. One option is to use strings of pearls. These delicate succulents are low-maintenance and tender looking and can transform both modern and traditional rooms. These succulents come from South Africa and are native to humid coastal regions. Their name comes from their long, sickle-shaped leaves. 

Strings of pearls are a simple and affordable way to hang plants from ceilings without drilling a hole. These strings can be placed in various locations and can even cascade over the sides of the pot. Strings of pearls are particularly attractive because they need very little maintenance and are suitable for hanging plants in a variety of places. 

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A succulent cactus string of pearls or string of beads with teardrop-shaped leaves, hanging in a pot in plant store

Creeping Figs 

When hanging creeping figs from the ceiling, it is necessary to use multiple eyehooks. You must tie the wire to one end, the middle hook, and the other end. Then, tighten the rope with a turnbuckle. This will prevent the vines from climbing too far. 

The first step is to install a hook, which is more time-consuming, but crucial. To do this, you’ll need to locate a ceiling joist. The joists are 16 inches apart and should be located in the area where you want the plant to grow. Follow BDL Shopping Center on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Here is the website: BDL Shop 

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