How to Hang Curtains from Ceiling 

Hang Curtains from Ceiling

If you are wondering how to hang curtains from the ceiling, there are some things you should know. You must choose a curtain rod that allows you to hang the curtains quickly and without damaging your walls. Also, you should choose a fabric that is designed to block the light. In this article, we will provide you with a few tips on how to hang your curtains properly. We hope that you’ll find our guide useful. Read on the full BDL Shopping Center guide on how to hang curtains from the Ceiling. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store

Adhesive-Backed Hooks 

If you are considering hanging curtains from your ceiling, you may be wondering whether you should use adhesive-backed hooks or ring clips. These two methods are equally effective. The first way involves peeling off the protective backing of the adhesive-backed hook and pressing it firmly on the ceiling surface. Wait about thirty minutes for the adhesive to adhere to the ceiling before hanging the curtains. Another method involves using a ring clip or tab to attach the curtains to the hooks. 

Another option is to use a self-adhesive hook. This type is metal or plastic hooks that you stick on the ceiling with the help of a stick-on pad. These types of hooks are easy to install and can be permanently attached to the ceiling or removable easily and without damaging it. The most popular type of adhesive-backed hook is the Command type, which comes with a variety of options. 

Magnetic Curtain Rods 

The magnetic rods are available in a wide variety of styles and prices. Most of these rods are under $30. You can also find some that are as cheap as $20 if you are on a budget. But they are not meant for very heavy curtains or drapes. Rather, they are best suited for curtains with a relatively lightweight. Read on to discover more about magnetic rods. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store

The drawback to using magnetic curtain rods is that they are ineffective when installed on non-metal surfaces. They can only be installed on wooden or metal frames. Also, magnetic curtain rods cannot be used on aluminum or wood frames. For heavier curtains, you should buy stronger magnets. Also, make sure that you choose the right size and shape of the curtain rod. Otherwise, your curtains might slide down the rod. 

Extending the Rod on either side of the Window Frame 

If you have a window that is narrow, BDL Shopping Center Windsor recommends extending the curtain rod on either side of the window frame. This will help the window look grander and let extra light into the room. It will also expose any pretty molding on the frame. Just be sure to adjust the width measurements and make sure the rod spans between the upper and lower window. If you plan to use heavy fabrics, you will need extra space above the floor. 

If you have a low ceiling, you can consider mounting the rod on the ceiling about 6 inches above the window frame. This way, you will not have to deal with extra framing, and you will have more space between the window and the rod. If the window is high enough, you may also want to consider mounting the rods on the ceiling. This method will make the room appear taller. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store

Choosing a Fabric that Blocks Light 

There are several different ways to hang curtains from the ceiling. Lightweight fabrics will allow more light into the room and feel breezy. Heavyweight fabrics will block more light and add privacy. If you live in a cold climate, heavier fabrics will help keep the room warm and will also look good with existing metals in the room. Depending on the purpose of the curtains, you can choose one type of fabric for each window, or use a combination of both. 

Curtains can be made from heavy fabrics or sheer voiles. The latter will prevent the light from filtering through and will reduce glare. While heavy fabrics block light and draughts, sheer voiles will reduce glare and increase privacy without sacrificing style. In addition, linen can make the room look relaxed while still appearing sophisticated. Double track systems are also available for double curtain layers. 

Choosing the Right Length of the Curtain 

A standard rule of thumb is to buy a curtain that is seven feet long if your ceiling is eight feet or lower. Curtains longer than this length will create a puddled effect, so make sure you pick a long enough curtain for your ceiling. Choosing the right length of curtains to hang from the ceiling can help you make your room feel taller and wider than it actually is. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL Curtains | BDL Store

While a typical ceiling height is nine feet, certain situations will require shorter curtains. A short curtain with tall walls is like a funhouse mirror. A smaller curtain will make the windows and walls look smaller, making the room appear disproportionate and a tripping hazard. If you are uncertain about how much ceiling height you have, measure the windows to be sure you choose the right length.  

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