How to Decorate with Christmas Garland

Decorate with Christmas Garland

There are several ways to decorate a Christmas garland. One popular option is to use natural materials like eucalyptus leaves, bear grass, and salal leaves. These types of materials are very natural and offer unique fragrances. For example, eucalyptus is known for its sweet scent, and it is a great choice if you want to keep the garland’s natural look. Read BDL blog for decoration of Christmas Garland. 

Common Uses for Christmas Garlands 

Christmas decorations are a big part of the holiday season, and Christmas garlands are one of the most common decorations (home decor) used in a holiday home. While they may seem like generic decorations, there are many different ways to personalize them to fit your own decorating style. There are two main types of Christmas garlands, which you may find helpful for choosing the perfect ones for your home. 

Natural garlands offer an earthy look and are a beautiful option for Christmas decorating. These types of garlands are made from various plants, including eucalyptus, salal leaves, bear grass, and lotus pods. The natural scent from the leaves is quite pleasant, and different varieties of the plant produce a unique fragrance. 

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A traditional Christmas wreath hangs above a fireplace mantel adorned with a pine garland

Christmas garlands are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are easy to decorate and work well with other accents, such as bows and lights. Many even come with matching chair back swags and wreaths, which you can purchase separately. While many garlands are made from natural materials, some people choose to add lights to them so that they look more festive. For more unique ideas of Christmas garland visit BDL Shopping Center. 

Artificial Christmas garlands are an excellent choice for outdoor decorations. Because they are designed to withstand light, they can be used outdoors, as long as you are careful to choose the right type. If you prefer to use real trees, you should opt for pre-lit varieties. Those that are battery-operated will not have to be removed from your home. Artificial garlands come with wires that are tight around their branches, which means you will not have to worry about any unsightly wires hanging down the holiday season. They also offer minimal clutter and mess. 

Using Paper Bells to Decorate a Christmas Garland 

To create a bell garland, you will need a variety of cardstock trees and small bells. You will also need double-sided tape and string to hang your garland from. Once you’ve gathered your materials, use a craft knife to cut squares. Fold each triangle in half and then open each end. Next, sew the triangles together. You can use metallic thread to add more glitz and sparkle to your garland. 

To add a festive touch to your garland, you can make it look like it’s made of real bells. You can use a printable Christmas bell garland to make this easy decoration. To make it even more festive, you can print out two identical images of the bells and cut them out at the same time. When you’re finished, use pillow stuffing to fill the bells. You can then hang the bells from the garland over doorways. 

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Christmas decoration for home decor using paper bells

Another fun way to make a bell garland is to create a beaded yarn garland. You can use a needle and thread to string your beads. Be sure to leave enough space between the beads. If you’re unsure of the distance between beads, use a ruler to help you. Once you’ve attached all of your beads, thread your bell onto the yarn. Pull the bell through the bottom part of the yarn and then tie a knot to secure it in place. Repeat this process until the garland reaches its desired length. 

Another fun way to decorate a Christmas garland is to use jingle bells. These bells are easily reusable and come in various colors and styles. You can even use them for other decorations and visits shopping malls Canada. 

Using Artificial Decorations 

Decorating a Christmas garland with artificial decorations is a beautiful way to add a festive look to your home. You can make your garland look realistic by adding lights to it. There are several options for lights, including string lights, battery-operated lights, or a combination of lights. Adding lights will add depth to the garland and make the decorations shine at night. 

If you prefer a more rustic look, you can use a natural garland. These are made from different types of trees, including eucalyptus, bear grass, salal leaves, and lotus pods. Some varieties of these trees are scented, which will add a unique scent to your garland. 

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Christmas boxes with gifts in a sled against the background of a fireplace and hanging Santa’s socks

Another reason to choose artificial decorations for a Christmas garland is the convenience they offer. You can easily integrate them with your existing holiday lights. Most artificial decorations use warm white bulbs, which will complement your home’s decor. Artificial decorations also come with tight wiring that won’t create unsightly strands. Furthermore, artificial decorations can be strung for hundreds of feet without looking out of place. 

Another option is using faux pinecone garland, which is nine feet long and 12 inches wide. This garland features long-lasting LED lights in its branches. The fake pinecones are made from PVC, which is a soft synthetic material. You can use this garland anywhere you would like, such as on your mantel or as a centerpiece. You can even add pinecones, mercury glass bulbs, and antler picks to it. 

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