How to Decorate Vases with Ribbon 

How to Decorate Vases with Ribbon

There are several ways to decorate vases, including the use of ribbon. These include using burlap, striped, or satin ribbon. Here are some tips: First, determine the type of vase. The type of vase you are using will influence which kind of ribbon you should use. Remember to make sure you have enough room for the ribbon to wrap around the vase without creating any gaps. Read the BDL Shopping Center guide on how to decorate vases with ribbon. 

Decorating a Vase with Ribbon 

Adding a ribbon to a vase is a great way to brighten it up. You can use a solid color ribbon for a simple, elegant look. To create a more decorative look, you can cut two lengths of ribbon and stack them together, the thinner ribbon on top of the thicker one. Then, wrap the two pieces around the vase and tie a simple bow. For extra flair, you can tie a belt or corset bow and use it to tie around the vase. 

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Vase of rose flowers and candle burning on pink background

When choosing a ribbon, make sure it matches the bouquet or vase. A ribbon that matches the color of the flowers is most effective. Similarly, a solid-color ribbon will compliment a bouquet of different textures. Also, make sure that the width of the ribbon matches the size of the vase. A small, dainty vase should be accented with a narrower ribbon, while a tall and sturdy vase should have a wider ribbon. 

If you want to make your vase more elegant, you can use a satin ribbon. To make it look more elegant, make sure that the ribbon you choose is long enough to wrap around the neck of the vase. You can use a glue gun to apply glue to the ribbon and make it stick to the vase. Another way to secure the ribbon is to use a vintage broach, which you can secure to the front of the vase. 

Decorating a vase with Burlap 

Burlap ribbon adds a unique look to a vase. Wrap the burlap around the vase lengthwise. Choose a length of burlap that is approximately the same width as the vase’s height. Line up the edges of the burlap with the rim of the vase, then add a trim. You can even decorate an old vase with burlap ribbon! 

Burlap is a wonderful fabric that is both simple and rustic. It gives a room a warm, cozy feeling. It’s also inexpensive and can be used in accent decor for a home. There are many ways to use burlap in your decor, and this fabric is great for adding texture to a room. Buy vases from BDL Vase from BDL Store. 

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Spring flowers in a vase with burlap envelope

Burlap is a versatile fabric that is easy to work with. It’s great for DIY projects, too, as it’s sturdy and durable. You can use it for a variety of crafts, including picture frames, pillows, and wedding attire. 

Decorating a vase with Striped Ribbon 

If you love stripes, you can create a stunning vase decoration by using striped ribbon. You’ll need two types of ribbon – a thick bordered one and a thin one. To wrap the striped ribbon around a vase, start by placing the thick bordered ribbon at the top and secure it with a glue gun. Then, apply the complementary thin ribbons next to each other, leaving space for the thicker ribbon to overlap the ends. 

You can add twine around the rim of the vase and tie it off with a knot. Another option is to fold a strip of striped ribbon into a star or flower shape and adhere it with a dab of hot glue. Be sure that the flower does not touch the vase itself. 

When decorating a vase with striped ribbon, use a contrasting color to make it stand out. This type of ribbon is versatile enough for many different occasions. For instance, you can use striped ribbon to decorate a vase with a flower arrangement for your child’s cheerleading class. 

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Three gorgeous orange roses with crimson edging in a purple vase tied with a striped ribbon trimmed with gold and an orange linen serviette

Decorating a Vase with Satin Ribbon 

A ribbon can be used to dress up a flower vase. You can wrap it around the neck of the vase or tie a bow in the middle. Then, trim off the excess ribbon. You can also make the ribbon look more unique by wrapping it around the vase’s base in a V-shape. 

You can use two different colors of ribbons to create a unique vase. You can also use solid-color ribbon and glue it to jute ribbon or satin ribbon. Another way of decorating a vase with satin ribbon is by wrapping it around the vase with twine. You can also wrap the twine around the vase and tie it with a simple bow. Follow BDL Shopping Center on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Here is the website: BDL Shop

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