How to Decorate a Staircase Wall 

Decorate a Staircase Wall

To add visual interest to your stairwell, create a theme and decorate each wall accordingly. Mirrors, textures, and built-in shelves can add style to your stairwell. Below are some ideas to decorate your stairs with pictures. Choose a theme that reflects your personality and tastes. Also, consider using a different color palette for each step of your stairwell. Whether you decide to hang pictures, mirrors, or built-in shelves, be sure to plan the arrangement in advance. BDL Shopping Center knows how to decorate a staircase wall at your home. Read the full BDL guide for decorating a staircase wall to know more about this Home Decor element.  

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor

Create a Theme for Staircase Wall Decor 

There are many ways to decorate your stairs without spending a ton of money. One of the most affordable options is painting the stairs and walls. You can use a neutral color scheme or a theme-based design. Other decorating ideas include placing wall art on the walls. You can use mix-and-match designs or choose a single piece of artwork that speaks to you. For added storage, place a bookshelf or several. Use these to store trinkets. 

If you want a unique look, consider a forest mural. A forest mural highlights big trees and green leaves for a natural look that is not overwhelming. A similar look can be achieved by painting the stair balustrades in varying shades of green. This way, you can create a focal point for your staircase while incorporating an artistic element into the wall decor. For a more contemporary look, use a modern cage light fixture above the stairway. 

Adding an art piece over a sofa or couch may feel like too much. A six-foot couch requires a canvas that is between 3.96 feet and 4.5 feet wide. Choose a trendy print that complements your personal aesthetic or complements your staircase’s shape. Custom metal prints showcase your unique style or reflect memories. Alternatively, an antique clock or a vintage instrument can be a nice addition to your staircase wall decor. 

If you choose to hang framed artwork on your staircase, it’s important to choose frames that are compatible with your theme. You can choose to use frames of the same color or one that is similar to them. If you’re using more than one frame, try to arrange them at the same height to create a balanced look. It’s also best to use frames that are made of the same material. When displaying art on your staircase, consider the lighting as well. If the light is too dim, it will hide the artwork. Adding a separate spotlight may help to illuminate the piece. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor

Adding Texture 

If you have an empty staircase with a boring wall, consider painting it a vibrant shade or using a stencil to create an interesting pattern. A dramatic wallpaper pattern can be a great focal point for a staircase wall. However, if you’re in a hurry to make your staircase look more appealing, you can paint it a neutral color or a different shade. Either way, you’ll still want to choose a paint color that works well with the rest of the room’s colors. 

Adding texture to staircase walls can be a great way to dress up the space without hanging art. While gallery walls are popular, you can also opt to add a single piece of art to make a more striking statement. An oversized painting or a photo still will emphasize the tall ceilings. A bicycle mounted on the wall is another option to create a stunning look. For a more practical and spacious look, you can use built-in shelves to add books to the wall and stretch out the space. 

Adding texture to your staircase can be as simple as hanging a textured photo or mirror on the wall. Or, you can try something bolder, such as a mirror or textured photo. There are so many possibilities for adding texture to your staircase wall, and you can even use a stencil to make random patterns. In any case, you can add some texture to the wall with paint, stickers, or other materials that are easy to apply. 

The traditional method of incorporating texture into a staircase is to create a gallery wall. You can showcase family photos or inspirational pieces of art on a gallery wall. You should choose frames that match the style of the artwork, and it’s sure to make your staircase look more appealing to buyers. And remember: stairs are not just for stairs, so you should always consider the safety of your family. When using a gallery wall, don’t forget to consider the lighting. Adding stairway lighting is a great way to improve the safety and appeal of your staircase. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor

Adding Mirrors 

Adding mirrors to a staircase wall can be a simple and effective way to give your stairway a stylish and aesthetically pleasing feel. They can also be used to create a focal point for the staircase, so you can focus the eye on them. Choose the right size, shape, and style for your staircase and select matching frames for them. The mirrors must be placed at similar distances from one another. 

You can use paneling to add depth to your stairwell and dress it up. Since paneling is wipeable, it makes cleaning a breeze. The mirrors also give you a second view of the staircase and can be scaled up if you want to add artwork. The dimensions of the staircase wall make it easy to install mirrors in the stairwell. If you have children, consider a circle mirror in various sizes and shapes. 

Placement is important. Adding a mirror at the top of a staircase sends positive energy to the lower floors. But placing a mirror directly opposite the stairs will result in stagnant energy on the upper floors. Avoid placing mirrors in the kitchen and on the stairs. And do not place mirrors in the kitchen or in cluttered areas. These feng shui rules can help you decide where to place mirrors in your home to achieve optimum chi energy flow. 

A full-length mirror at the landing is also auspicious in feng shui. It can help to improve the flow of good chi up the stairs. However, it should not be placed too far apart from the stairs themselves. If your staircase is not wide enough, you can position it facing the other way to avoid a negative energy flow. This way, you can use the mirrors for minor feng shui purposes and make your staircase look even more beautiful. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor

Adding built-in Shelves 

Adding built-in shelves to the wall beside a staircase is a relatively easy DIY project. All you need is basic building skills, power tools, and a few weekends. You can choose to have all shelves or a triangle in the middle of the wall. The recessed shelves are also very functional and can help increase storage space while adding a decorative element to the room. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

First, install the base and crown molding. Match the crown molding to the existing trim. Then, paint them to match the shelves. When finished, you can add decorative trim and a shelf. Lastly, install the shelves. Once they are in place, you can paint the whole room to match your cabinetry. You can even paint the filler to match the shelves. In any case, make sure to leave some space in between the shelves so that they will stand out. 

To use the space beneath the stairs, built-in cabinets, and/or shelves. This area is an excellent location to put storage for daily items and toys. Alternatively, you can use it as a gallery space. Adding bins to the shelves will help prevent clutter in the entryway. Another tip is to hire a professional handyman to help you design the shelves to maximize the space. You can also use the under-stairs area as a place to display art or other collection. 

Whether you’re looking to add extra storage or display your collections, the built-in bookcase will transform an empty wall into a beautiful space. When you begin designing your built-in shelves, make sure you have a basic sketch of the wall. Measure the wall and sketch the measurements. You can also use a chalkboard to sketch the design of the built-in shelves. If you’re a beginner, you can choose a template that includes dimensions. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor

Adding Bookshelves 

In a narrow nook underneath a staircase, consider installing open shelves. A staircase that is clad in wood has high ceilings, so adding a bookcase to the wall can maximize its functional benefits while allowing you to display your favorite collections. Install a basket on the bottom shelf to hold small items. If your staircase is narrow, consider installing two or three small shelves. This can increase the overall functionality of the staircase, but you’ll need to carefully plan the placement of the shelves. 

One of the main benefits of adding bookshelves to a staircase is that it can create a reading nook. While standard shelves might not be appropriate for a staircase, narrow ones will make an impressive display of books and ornaments. Adding a row of ledges along the length of the wall is also a great way to showcase book covers. Brightly colored books will stand out against dark shelves, which will make a staircase stand out. 

Another advantage of adding open shelves on a staircase wall is that they provide an extra surface for plants or ornaments. If you need to store books, a combined cupboard and shelf system can save space and add drama to the room. You can also opt to add LED strip lighting to create a dramatic effect. These ideas will surely impress your friends and family. You can also share photos of creative shelving on social media sites, such as Pinterest. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor
BDL Shopping Center | BDL Home Decor | BDL | BDL Windsor

One of the main benefits of adding built-in shelves is that the staircase is a great place to install storage units. Aside from storing your books, you can also use the wall space beneath the stairs for other uses. For instance, you can add a corner desk, open shelves, and even a shelf for toys. If you don’t want to spend money on a new computer, use the space beneath the stairs for an additional storage area. 

Conclusion: BDL Shopping Center can be visited for a variety of home decor products. Start by selecting a theme, add texture, built-in shelves, and bookshelves. You can also create vignettes, select wallpapers, use artwork, and add paneling and mirrors. So, this is how to decorate a staircase wall. Follow the BDL Store Windsor on Facebook and Instagram. Here is the website: BDL Shopping Center.  

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