How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table 

Decorate a Round Coffee Table

There are several ways to decorate a round coffee table. However, some people prefer larger items and others may feel better with smaller trinkets. To decorate your table, remember to use Contrast, Dimension, and Color. The following tips will help you make the right choices. These will help you create an inviting and visually stunning space. Once you have chosen your decorating style, it’s time to find the perfect pieces to fill it with. Read BDL Shopping Center home decor and a home improvement guide on how to decorate a round coffee table.  

Larger Items Look Better than Small Trinkets 

When decorating a round coffee table, remember that larger items tend to make the scene look more interesting. Small trinkets and objects can make the scene look cluttered. Try placing large objects on the top of the table to give it more visual appeal. Also, consider putting trays beneath small objects to create a different look. Large trays can hold several items, and they will leave room on top for books. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada
BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada


In terms of contrast, it sometimes gets tricky to understand how to decorate a round coffee table. When decorating a round coffee table, one of the best ways to make it stand out is to use unexpected and unconventional objects. Contrasting your table with other objects of the same shape will help your table stand out, while incorporating a wide variety of textures and colors. A simple example of this is a gold and black box placed on a square coffee table. This is a smart way to add height to your living room. 

Another great way to create a chic scene on your coffee table is to use neutral-colored books. You can place them on a tray next to a vase of flowers or a sculpture. If you’d like a more modern look, you can also opt for gray-text books. Gold-toned books are also a great choice because they add a touch of sophistication and refinement to a room 

Adding a vase of flowers (shelved at BDL Shopping Center) to a round coffee table is another great way to add contrast. While the two types of objects may look similar, each adds a different style and feel to the room. The vase can be arranged in such a way that it isn’t too overwhelming. In addition, a round coffee table can be paired with a sculptural piece that adds sophistication and personality to the space 

Using a decorative tray on a round coffee table is another great way to create a more harmonious look. A rectangular tray provides a clean background for the contrasting objects while a square tray makes the overall look more streamlined. It also makes the round coffee table look more functional. It can also serve as an attractive accent piece. The combination of colors and shapes will create a unique atmosphere for any room. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada
BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada


How to decorate a round coffee table is also linked with the dimensions of the table. Depending on the size of your round coffee table, you can use a number of different pieces of décor to make it stand out. Adding a vase or a jar filled with fresh florals in the center or placing a sculptural object in the middle of the table will add visual interest. You can also add small decorative pieces, such as books, to create a triangular effect. This way, the focus of your table will be created by varying the height of each object placed on the surface. 

When selecting your decorative items, remember that a round coffee table needs to retain its balance. Avoid placing objects on top of each other, as this will make your table look cluttered. In general, three items in different colors or textures create a balanced look. For the most elegant look, choose items that are similar in color and texture to the top tier. Using the same color palette will also ensure that you have a cohesive look. 

Aside from placing small objects on the top of your table, you can also decorate underneath. A coffee table is not just about putting your favorite books, you can also use other furniture like poufs or ottomans. A few small decorative pieces such as a vase or a teapot can also serve as a stylish reminder of your favorite read. By adding a few decorative pieces to your coffee table, you can add a sense of style and comfort to your room. 

Books are another great way to add visual interest to a round coffee table. The shape and texture of a book can make it stand out. If you’re not sure where to find them, try scouring HomeGoods or second-hand stores. You’ll be able to find some unique shapes that will be a nice fit for your table. If you can’t find the perfect items, you can use a combination of objects to make a unique piece that will stand out. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada
BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada


One of the best ways to personalize a room is to use artwork. While beautiful furnishings and good designs are important, art will add character and flair to the room. A round coffee table can be a great way to add a touch of sculpture to your decor. A single sculpture may look odd when used alone, but use it in a grouping with some flowers and you’ll have a sophisticated centerpiece. There are many different ways to color a round coffee table. 

Another great way to personalize your table is to add trays to it. Square trays are a great way to add depth to a round coffee table. You can use different trays for different themes. One tray can hold bowls or glasses, while another can be used to transport beverages from the kitchen. Trays can also be a great consistent accessory, so you don’t need to worry about matching the rest of your decor. You can even stack them to add interest to your table. 

The next way to personalize a round coffee table is to choose a color that complements your living room. If you want a piece that will work with a particular style, try a reclaimed wood table or one with a veneer finish. You can also opt for a round coffee table made of recycled wood. These are the perfect way to add character to a room while still maintaining a neutral color scheme. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated and elegant, you can go in a black or a natural wooden one. This choice won’t date easily and will be a good addition to your living room decor. There are a number of styles and looks you can use to personalize a round table with a black or brown finish. And don’t forget to check out the BDL tips for choosing the right color for your furniture. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada
BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada


If you don’t know how to decorate a round coffee table consider the size of your table. When choosing the size of round coffee tables for your living room, it’s important to consider the width and depth of the space around them. In general, you want a table that leaves about 30 inches of space around the outer edge of the table before it bumps up against the next barrier. This may include a fireplace or a TV stand. In larger rooms, the distance may be more, but make sure to leave enough space for an adult to walk between the table and additional seating. 

There are many types of coffee tables available at BDL Shopping Center, including those that are solid and look like they are about the same size. In large rooms, a solid coffee table can visually take up space because it extends to the floor. On the other hand, a round table made of glass or lucite can visually keep a room looking open. There are also a number of styles available, so the choice of a table should be based on the style and theme of the room. 

The shape of a round coffee table is a great way to maximize space in a living room. If your furniture is symmetrical, a round coffee table may be the perfect match. But if you want to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, a square or rectangular table will look great next to a sectional sofa. A 36-inch round table can fit well next to a large sofa and two square tables can be placed next to each other. 

BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada
BDL Shopping Center | BDL | BDL Home Decor | Shopping Malls Canada

One example of a small round table is the World’s Art coffee table, which features an impressionist look. It’s ideal for a casual and friendly setting, and can be used to showcase the essentials of any meeting. This table is also a great option for a modern or industrial-looking living room. The table’s height is typically low enough to allow the couch to rest on top of it. A smaller table is more portable, and it’s also easier to maneuver around. 

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